Hey there!  I'm Pete and I run a small, one man shop that's a short walk from the Golden Gate Bridge. Since 2017, leather work has grown from a passing interest to a serious passion that keeps on growing.

​When I'm not in the leather world, I help coordinate four Wellness Centers within San Francisco, aimed at helping the city's most vulnerable citizens. I've also worked as an Education Coordinator in middle and high schools, Community Development Coordinator in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, and spent many summers helping youth grow into their full potential.

A little background on the "Pelican Petes" name - almost every day I get to see squadrons of Brown Pelicans glide along the bay, flap their wings, and climb over the Golden Gate Bridge. When they're hungry, they dive straight into the Bay, hoping to catch some fish who didn't see them coming. Few things bring me more joy than watching pelicans go about their day. But one of those things is crafting. So I figured I'd try to combine them and make something that honors both. And that's where we are - the Pelican Petes website. Thanks for taking the time to poke around. If you happen to buy anything - I truly appreciate the support and am honored to share a little bit of the Bay with you.

If you're curious, feel free to pop by my Instagram to see what I'm up to!